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"Our expectations were exceeded"

Our business engaged the services of Chris Jones during 2015. As a growing business in a very niche market with an unusual debt book and a long debt tail we recognised that we needed someone who would quickly get to grips with what we do and how we do it, and get a good understanding of how we operate. Chris did exactly that. Our expectations were exceeded, particularly regarding timescale to obtain offers given the unusual nature of what we do. Chris collected all of the required information in a short period of time and came back with a shortlist of competitive offers. At all times communication was excellent and we felt confident that not only did Chris know exactly what he was doing, but he also had our best interests at heart, rather than trying to push us towards the funder that paid the highest commission. We will certainly use Chris again in the future and would recommend him to other businesses that need professional impartial advice.

Norman Hughes, Managing Director


"..a sound knowledge of our sector.."

Our company was referred to Select Business Finance by our accountants, Muras Baker Jones, to provide independent advice upon offers for alternative sales finance arrangements. This had been brought about by our receiving notice that our existing sales finance providers of 10+ years were unwilling to continue due to our planned expansion in to manufacturing.
Select Business Finance provided:

· a review of the offers from the potential funders with explanations as to the conditions that made them more/less attractive and based on this advice we identified our first preference and were accepted by them.
· an introduction to an alternative contact with a high street bank
· an introduction to a local EFG provider from whom we received an offer of support which remains open.
· front line introduction and management of the process to secure Funding Circle funds which had previously alluded us.

Chris Jones demonstrated a sound knowledge of our sector and has laid the foundations for an expansion which was being thwarted by the risk adversity and inflexibility of traditional bank funding. We will be retaining Select Business Finance for advice upon our future growth and financing and can highly recommend their services for SME’s like ourselves in providing access to sources of funding that are not immediately apparent.


Mike Wood, Managing Director

"To Chris, customer service is absolutely paramount"

I have used Select Business Finance for over 7 years to facilitate various financing solutions within our businesses. The first time was in the depth of the recession when financing was at its nadir, the recession was in full-flow, and the very survival of our new business whose assets we had purchased from an insolvency practitioner was precarious. With personal cash starting to run dry, Chris Jones guided myself as the new owner through all the issues with regards to injecting badly-needed finance into the business. Unlike many, he never promised on what he couldn’t deliver. He constantly kept our feet rooted in realism: that the combination of the external environment combined with the poor track record of the ownership of the previous incarnation of the business had made the job more difficult, but he fought our corner, we gained the finance we needed, and the business has been trading profitable since.

Since that time, Chris Jones and Select Business Finance have been the go-to-guy for any financing issues within the businesses. His refreshing personal attention to detail in all aspects of what we do, to understand the nuts and bolts of the business and the needs for the finance, is mirrored by his reluctance to get rid of the elephant in the room and start talking fees straight away. To Chris, customer service is absolutely paramount, and fees will be discussed at the appropriate time when the job is done.

Adam Calloway, Managing Director


"Chris will always be in our team!"

We first met Chris in 2010, on recommendation from our tax advisors in Birmingham. We were going through a dramatic change in our business, having designed a range of new products and needing working capital for the increasing demand. Chris quickly gained an understanding of our business, our objectives and what support we would need to achieve those aims. Having agreed that peer-to-peer lending would be the preferred route Chris pulled together the proposal and guided us through the process. We drew down the loan within 3 weeks of first meeting Chris and were able to move forward quickly with our new range, which actually represents more than 70% of our current business. That loan is now paid off and Chris has become a trusted “sounding board” for the directors, happy to give his time and guidance without it leading to a direct gain for his firm. All SME’s need an informal team of supporters in the background, Chris will always be in our team!

John Key, Managing Director

"Chris is driven by doing the right thing for the client"

In my experience Chris really goes that extra distance to get the best results for his clients. It’s clear he is driven by doing the right thing for the client, whatever that may mean for him personally, rather than being driven by commission rates  – in that sense he stands out in his industry.

Jon Whitbread, Partner

"Clarity and depth of advice borne from years of experience"

Chris was recommended to me by a business colleague and, from Day 1, he worked diligently on my behalf to ensure a synergy between the needs of the business and the best funder to meet those needs. During the whole process Chris’s approach with regards to putting the interests of the business in the driving seat and his commission fees on the backseat, was in stark contrast and refreshing compared to professionals I had previously engaged. In 2013, when I identified another potential business acquisition. Chris was the first port of call. With the state of the market for acquisition finance, it was going to be a difficult deal and I knew that I needed a guy in my corner who not only knew how to draw a deal together from multiple sources, as well as know the industry in which I operated, but also one who was prepared to understand the minutiae of my personal and business situation and then be able to speak confidently on my behalf to funders and bring together a deal. At all times, discussion of fees was never on the table until the funding had been achieved, and even then due to Chris’ diligence and awareness of my cash-flow constraints to get closure on the deal, my need to pay fees in installments was never an issue. In essence, in trying to grow my small group of companies, Chris has become an integral part of my team. His expertise in securing finance, his industry knowledge and networks, is as important to my business as the interest he takes in my business’ strategic direction, and as a corollary, the sounding board he provides and the clarity and depth of his advice borne from years of experience.

Adam Calloway, Managing Director

"Chris is totally unique in the manner in which he does business"

Chris, in my view, is totally unique in the manner in which he does business. He NEVER puts commission rates and reciprocal arrangements in front of his totally impartial and truly professional advice and for several years he has proven this to me by attentively providing the most excellent service and advice.
Chris is clearly passionate about the Industry and it is clear that his belief in giving the client the best possible support outweighs all.
I must admit that my company is probably not at the top of the Select Business Finance debtor list but this of course is true testament to Chris’s attitude to supporting clients. He has on many occasions provided totally free and completely impartial professional advice in a number of financial areas when I am sure it would have been far more “lucrative” for him to have led us in a particular direction or to have demanded up-front fees for his services.
In such turbulent times where feelings of “Trust” are so often disassociated with the financial business sector, Chris brings a breath of fresh air to the table.

John Addis, CEO

"Chris was there for me every step of the way"

At the point I was introduced to Chris Jones, I had wasted several weeks talking to our existing bankers about raising finance to undertake a Management Buy Out of the company. Whilst they eventually came up with an offer I wasn’t happy with the terms, and I needed some impartial advice. Chris listened attentively, quickly developed a thorough understanding of our business, and was able to confirm my suspicions that the offer from our bankers was not competitive. He then assumed responsibility for taking our Business Plan and moulding it into a “Banker friendly” document, he identified the right people in the Banks who would be willing to support the business, and managed the entire process from initial discussions through to formal offers, and negotiating the finer details. He helped me to make an informed decision, which has proven to be the right choice for the business. Chris was there for me every step of the way, and I could not have completed the MBO without his support. I cannot endorse Chris highly enough

Julian Hughes, Managing Director

"We have been highly impressed with Chris’ knowledge and professionalism, and would recommend him to any business looking to raise finance"

We were introduced to Select Business Finance by our accountants, as we were keen to explore alternative options to Bank finance.  Chris Jones outlined the options available to us, gathered the information he needed and pushed our application through a Peer to Peer loan network very quickly.  His communication was excellent throughout the process (which was surprisingly fast), and the funds were drawn down well before our deadline.  We have been highly impressed with Chris’ knowledge and professionalism, and would recommend him to any business looking to raise finance.  Having addressed our short term requirements, Chris is now helping us look at other longer term options, and we hope to be able to count on his support for many years to come.

James Ball, Director,

“I found Chris to be friendly, a good listener and extremely knowledgeable on all matters of business finance"

When I was given Chris Jones details my first thought was ‘Here’s another fella trying to tell me how to manage my cash’. But, after speaking with him, I had to admit how wrong I was

I found Chris to be friendly, a good listener and extremely knowledgeable on all matters of business finance. He explained all the available options and introduced me to companies and organizations that could offer the help and support I needed during the early days of my company.

His continued ‘after service’ was equally as good, something I found the major banks don’t offer.

I would fully recommend Select Business Finance

Geoff Griffiths, Managing Director

“…excellent market knowledge of invoice discounting and a first class professional service……..”

Our firm has worked with Chris for a number of years now. Chris has demonstrated excellent market knowledge of invoice discounting products and provided a first class professional service for our clients. We would always be happy to recommend Chris to assist with reviewing our clients funding options, as his expertise has benefitted a number of our clients since we have been working with him.

Laure Riley, Director

“I am incredibly grateful for all the support Chris has given us”

With the Banks so reluctant to lend money at present, it was vitally important for our business to seek assistance from a professional advisor to help us secure the finance we required. Chris Jones has provided us with consistent support over the last 12 months, enabling us to successfully restructure our debt, streamline the business and prepare for future growth. I am incredibly grateful for all the support Chris has given us, and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Sven Hlywiak, Managing Director

“Speed of delivery and professionalism throughout….”

My client’s need to raise finance coincided with many traditional lenders’ reluctance to consider new opportunities. Chris’s breadth of market knowledge and his strong connections meant that he was quickly able to structure solutions that met all the client’s requirements. His speed of delivery and professionalism throughout, combined with objective impartiality about the final choice of provider, overcame what looked like a difficult scenario for my client.

Jeremy Bassett, Managing Director

“Chris Jones was a key component in the salvation of our company”

The service we received from Chris Jones at Select Business Finance was excellent, and Chris was a key component in the salvation of our company. Chris’ knowledge of the Factoring industry is unsurpassed – we have used several different factoring companies in the past, but the service and flexibility provided by the company Chris recommended is far better than we have previously experienced.

Mark Bourne, Managing Director

“..a very clear understanding of our needs…….”

We found Chris to have a very clear understanding of our needs, and he introduced us to the most appropriate funders, which led to the outcomes he had forecast. He certainly isn’t afraid of the more challenging cases and found us a very competitive sales finance facility.

Jenny Mound, Managing Director

“He has, without exception, always delivered”

I have worked with Chris on numerous occasions over recent years and he has, without exception, always delivered. He is particularly expert in seeking and securing funding packages for difficult and challenging propositions, and I have often relied on him as a source for proactive advice. Exceptionally knowledgeable in his field, I would not hesitate to recommend Chris.

Andy Kay, Corporate Finance Director

“Knowledgeable, helpful and proactive”

GDK Engineering has had the pleasure of working with Chris Jones in various capacities since 2005. In a constantly changing and difficult financial environment we have found Chris to be knowledgeable, helpful and proactive in seeking out ways in which he could help our business. We would recommend Chris and Select Business Finance to any organisation looking to proactively move forward in the changing financial environment in which small businesses are operating.

Stuart Easthope, Director

“…Chris quickly understood our business…and helped us achieve our goals”

There are plenty of finance options available when the markets are buoyant, however, (as with my company in 2008), when circumstances change you need to move quickly and have confidence in the people supporting your business. Chris Jones came to us as a referral from a trusted source, he quickly understood our business, our needs and our objectives and through his experience and knowledge of finance helped us achieve our goals allowing my company to once again meet its targets. I would recommend Chris to any company needing support exploring their finance options

Peter Swain, Managing Director

“Nothing was ever too much trouble….we would recommend Chris without hesitation”

We worked with Select Business Finance over a 12 month period looking for alternative funding for our business having become very dissatisified with our existing Bank. Chris reviewed the alternatives, introduced us to our new funders and held our hands throughout the whole of the transition period. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he certainly negotiated better terms than we would have achieved on our own. We would recommend him without hesitation.

Chris Hutton-Penman, Managing Director

“Chris made it happen – a real breath of fresh air”

After 20 minutes of our initial meeting, the qualities and knowledge Chris showed convinced me that I was dealing with a true professional. The manner in which Chris dealt with our immediate and pressing need to raise funds was truly refreshing. “Chris made it happen” – a real breath of fresh air.

Stephen Mills, Managing Director

“I would not hesitate to recommend him to clients.”

Chris is a highly respected, very well connected and motivated finance broker. His ability to find innovative yet practical solutions to complex funding issues make him a first choice amongst his peer group. With years of experience in the finance industry across a wealth of sectors, Chris draws upon a diverse history and a balanced network to provide a first class service. I would not hesitate to recommend him to clients.

Adrian Cutler, Partner

“A trusted advisor and a great ambassador for the Black Country.”

A very able finance professional with extensive experience in the field of asset based lending. Chris has a keen eye for detail and has the ability to quickly assess and scope propositions.
I have worked with Chris in a number of roles over the last 25 years and greatly value his views and opinions. A trusted advisor and a great ambassador for the Black Country.

Mike Priddy, Managing Director

“Chris has been able to raise finance where others fail.”

On numerous occasions Chris has been able to raise finance where others fail. Chris provides a personal and prompt service, I would recommend Chris to others.”

Paul Farmer, Director

“I have no reservation in recommending his services to all businesses…”

Chris helped one of my accountancy clients to get excellent new banking facilities in a very efficient, timely and professional manner. I have no reservation in recommending his services to all businesses who are having trouble with their corporate bankers.

Mark Evans, Managing Director

“…a thorough and professional service…”

Chris has always provided a thorough and professional service to our clients.

Les Barnes, Partner

.....his focus is always on the client, and the client's needs.....

I always use Select Business Finance when I need assistance with fund raising. I am an insolvency practitioner and when pre-packing a business, the purchaser often requires new funds. Chris is excellent at dealing with these difficult situations. He holds the directors’ hands throughout the process and ensures that any issues that arise are dealt with quickly. He is very professional in his dealing with clients and his focus is always on the client, and the client’s needs, rather than on any commission he may make from a deal. I really appreciate this approach, as does the client. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris Jones, and he is a key part of my team of professionals that I use regularly.

Paul Masters, Director

Quality of service

Chris has worked with a number of our clients and has always prompted excellent feedback for his knowledge and quality of service.

Mark Fletcher, Partner

I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to you in a way I would with very few other professionals in his sector

From the first meeting Chris rapidly understood what we were trying to do and offered straightforward, understandable advice that helped us assess the options we had, and confidently make the right decision. He was straight to the point and rapidly delivered. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to you in a way I would with very few other professionals in his sector.

James Crowter, Managing Director

“Professional, courteous and reliable”

Thank you to Chris Jones at Select Business Finance. From our first introductory meeting we found him to be professional, courteous and reliable – always returning calls in a timely fashion and keeping to deadlines as agreed. We would highly recommend his services to any business looking to raise finance.

Richard Jones, Director