There are many finance products available
to today's business owner. Here is a list of
popular products and a brief description
of their characteristics


We have a particular expertise in this area and are widely considered to be the best independent Invoice Finance consultancy in the West Midlands, Black Country, Shropshire and Staffordshire, and a market leader across the whole of the UK.

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Factoring is very similar to Confidential Invoice Discounting, but is a disclosed facility which adds a credit control service, where the Factor sends statements to your debtors, and collects cash from them as the invoices fall due.

Clearly a professionally outsourced sales ledger management solution could be attractive to many businesses (especially smaller businesses with limited clerical resources), but it is important to choose the right Factor – the last thing you want is for the Factor to upset your customer relationships!

However, with over 90 lenders now providing such facilities, it can be very difficult choosing the right funding partner.

Select Business Finance has intimate knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of all the main funders in this market, and can provide honest, independent advice to help you find the best partner for your business.

Like CID, the key advantage to Factoring is improved cashflow, which enables you to run your business with more confidence, take on additional orders, keep your suppliers happy by paying on time (or even paying early and negotiating settlement discounts), or take advantage of bulk purchase discounts.

Factoring is available to smaller companies than CID, and the focus is less on your profit and loss / balance sheet, but more on your sales ledger. It can be especially useful for a new start business.