There are many finance products available
to today's business owner. Here is a list of
popular products and a brief description
of their characteristics

Corporate Finance

Whether you are an existing business considering making an acquisition, a company owner looking to sell your business, an entrepreneur wishing to invest in a new business, or a management team with your sights set on conducting an MBO from the current business owner, Select Business Finance can help.

If you are selling, we can help you to identify potential buyers, and to prepare the business for sale.

If you are buying, we can help you to structure your Business Plan and financial forecasts in order to maximise its appeal to potential funders.

We can then help you to identify the most suitable funders, whether this is a lender offering a one stop shop approach, or a combination of lenders and equity providers.

If your funding requirements go beyond traditional secured channels, it is absolutely vital that you focus on the ability of your business to generate cash, and to highlight the “enterprise value” of your business. If you want to persuade a funder to lend money to you with no security, or a Venture Capital firm to provide an equity investment, the presentation of your plans must be prepared with meticulous detail.

Should you require the services of a fully ACA qualified Corporate Finance professional to undertake complex financial modelling, we have close working relationships with many local specialists, and can introduce you as appropriate.