There are many finance products available
to today's business owner. Here is a list of
popular products and a brief description
of their characteristics

Business Banking

  • Are you getting value for money from your Bank?
  • Does your Bank Manager understand your business?
  • Does your Bank Manager add value to your business?
  • Does your Bank offer you good advice?
  • Is your Bank consistent in its approach?
  • Has your Bank supported you through difficult times?
  • Does your Bank go the extra mile?
  • Do you get to speak to a local person if you have any queries?
  • Is your Bank Manager easy to contact?

If the answer to any of the above is “No”, you should be asking yourself whether you are getting the level of service your business deserves.

Contrary to popular belief, changing Banks is not an unduly onerous task. Providing the switch is planned carefully, it can be achieved with minimal impact on your business.

Not all Banks are the same. Not all bank managers are the same. Believe it or not, we know Banks and bank managers in the West Midlands and Shropshire who still offer a traditional approach to customer relationships.

If you’re interested in considering your options, contact us. You may be pleasantly surprised!