We can research the market and
negotiate with lenders, enabling you
to continue to run your business

In the USA, around 80% of all commercial finance is sourced through intermediaries. Whilst the UK is still some way behind this, the use of a broker is a growing trend for UK based businesses. So, why is this?

There are 6 key benefits to using an experienced, professional broker, like Select Business Finance;

  • Choice.
    We have access to a huge number of funders, many of whom will not deal directly with clients. Whilst you may historically turn to your clearing bank, do you know what alternative sources of finance are available? As a consumer, would you buy a car / kitchen / TV from the first company you talk to, or would you compare products, prices and service with a few suppliers? Taking time to consider your options is incredibly important when making any business decision.
  • Time.
    Engaging with several lenders involves a huge amount of time spent researching and presenting your plans. We will work with you to package a professional proposal that can be presented to multiple lenders. We will then negotiate with the funders on your behalf to arrive at a short list, and ultimately help you to make a final decision based on your current and future requirements.

  • Presentation.
    Many applications for finance are rejected because they are not presented in a fashion acceptable to the lender, fail to address key issues, or are submitted to an inappropriate lender. We know what the lender is looking for, and will package a proposal in a format familiar to the funder.
  • Independence.
    We are acting in your best interests – we are not tied to any lenders. Such impartiality, coupled with whole of market knowledge, is a very powerful combination.
  • Contingent Fees.
    We only get paid if the lender delivers an end product. We therefore have a vested interest to drive the process for you and help you deal with any issues that may arise.
  • Price.
    Because a lender knows that we have intimate knowledge of the finance market, they will be fully aware that they need to offer competitive pricing. We place a high volume of business with our preferred funders, and this enables us to negotiate preferential terms.

In summary, raising finance can place a real burden on a business, and potentially cause you to take your eye off the ball. We will relieve you of the time spent researching the commercial finance market, and negotiating with a plethora of lenders, giving you the freedom to continue to run your business.

Whether you are local to us, or based outside the West Midlands, we look forward to hearing from you.