A good example of why I’m different to other Brokers!

Friday, March 28th, 2014

A client of mine received this unsolicited email this morning ;

“We are emailing you because we are extremely confident that we can substantially reduce your current invoice finance costs.

In addition, we could also fix all of your service and interest charges for 12 months. This amazing new invoice finance product is reviewed annually and offers exceptional value for money as well as peace of mind. If your review limit does not increase, then neither will your fixed service or interest charges.

Our customers know exactly how much they will pay each month for their invoice finance and they also know that they will only receive first class service from their lender.

We are an invoice finance broker and we only use lenders that offer exceptional value, practice the highest standards of transparent customer service and use the latest online sales ledger management software.

 If you would like a great value fixed monthly service fee that would even fix your monthly interest charges for 12 months, then we can help you to achieve that goal.

With our help, switching invoice finance provider is very easy because we take care of everything. Even your ledgers would be loaded onto your new lenders ledgers without time or cost to you.

If you would like further information on our fixed cost invoice finance products, or you would like to make an appointment about switching your invoice finance provider, please reply to this email”

Now, I know that price is always an important consideration, but any business that buys Invoice Finance on price is ill informed.  Invoice Finance is NOT a commodity product.

I will always obtain a competitive deal for my clients, but rarely choose the cheapest.  Good service, sustainable funding levels, and directors who display the values I demand are far more important than price, and anyone who leads on price is highly unlikely to be offering impartial and informed advice.